L39ION 2021 team kit to go on sale

As of 1600 BST you’ll be able to purchase the L39ION of LA team kit form the Rapha website.

L39ION, a team founded by Justin Williams so he and his brother Cory Williams could get a paid seat on the US crit scene, will open themselves up further to fans by selling the kit.

Disrupting the peloton by becoming the most diverse team in cycling, their race footage, captured on helmet mounted GoPro’s is something which draws in the fans.

After winning pretty much every crit going, the Legion team are determined to make a difference in the sport. In 2020, a year where charities struggled to raise funds, the team managed to raise $50,000 to help increase diversity and inclusion within cycling. Being a part of Legion is about more than becoming a better cyclist, it’s about becoming a better person and redressing some of the imbalances that continue to characterise our sport.

As worn by the team during their triumph at Tulsa Tough, their 2021 kit combines the familiar crashing wave design with a surge of volcanic energy, befitting the team’s reputation as a force of nature. In line with the team ethos, a portion of the profits from the new kit will be reinvested back into the team to fund their development.

Skylar Schneider, Legion of LA team athlete, who signed for the team this year said: “L39ION pride is a real feeling and from the first time that I put on the L39ION kit, I could feel it. As a professional cyclist, our cycling kit is our uniform, it’s what we put on day in and day out and ultimately it’s not only who we represent, but what we represent. Every time I put on the L39ION kit I think of all of the thought that went into not only the colors and design but also the fit, and the many people behind it. So when I put on the L39ION kit, I always feel proud and empowered to do my best because it makes me feel my best, and also, I know that it looks the best.

Justin Williams, Team Manager and Founder of L39ION: “Your uniform is what you go to battle in, what we crash and fight for, what we stand on the podium with and what makes us feel pride in what we are doing. When I put this kit on it means that I’ve made something of myself and I’m paving the way for others to have a chance at doing the same.”

It seems buying a Legion kit isn’t just something you do, it’s a way of life, supporting a cause more than a team and something which I firmly stand by and support.

Beyond Bib shorts and jerseys, you’ll be able to purchase caps, snoods, water bottles and socks to help complete the look. ProTeam Aero Jerseys are £145 with Training Jerseys being £85, caps, socks and snoods will be £15 with a water bottle costing £12.

Make sure you get your hands on them quick, with Rapha limited editions being known to sell quickly and their biggest success with EF Pro Education Nippo at the 2020 Giro d’Italia selling out within minutes.

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