Tribal Sports Nutrition

Nutritional brand Tribal Sports have launched a nutritional supplement which is as kind on your stomach as it is on the environment.

The pouches stow away easily in a cycling jersey to offer an easy to drink mid ride boost – something different from the usual energy gels and bars. The two new organic and vegan smoothies utilise the energising and revitalising properties of baobab fruit, which provides nutrients for fuelling active lifestyles and aiding recovery.

Due to their unique format, the smoothies are less concentrated than some other energy products so they are easier on the stomach. Add to that the baobab fruit extract, used in everyday nutrition and medicinal culture in parts of Africa, and other organic ingredients, the smoothies offer vitamin C, antioxidants and fibre alongside natural energy.

The smoothies came to be after Tribal’s founder, Chris Martin, visited rural African communities (in his role as a photographer and filmmaker) and learnt how people consumed baobab fruit for its health benefits. He thought there must be a way to utilise the fruit to help both the health of people in the UK and African village economies. Chris realised that an energy product was the way forward when he, and many of his friends, complained of stomach pains after using energy gels and realised baobab could be used to create a more nutritious and natural energy product that was gentle on digestive systems, but still highly effective in providing energy.

The result is energy smoothies, which offer organic, vegan nutrition in convenient on-the-go pouches. A real-food choice, for those living active lifestyles, that’s easy on the stomach and an alternative to products which are often made with processed ingredients such as maltodextrine. The smoothies not only deliver on the nutrition front, but do so in a way that doesn’t leave you, or the world around you, feeling compromised afterwards.Tribal Sports Nutrition Energy Smoothies are available in several varieties, including Morella Cherry & Baobab and Pineapple & Baobab, from Sainsbury’s, health stores, Amazon and, where you can also find more information.

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