Alpkit – Rhythm Thicky Jersey

At this time of the year, the weather can be deceptive. Stunning sunshine but icy cold, making the kit you wear essential, you’ll also need to be prepared for the spring showers. Quite a mixed bag for just one jersey to be able to deal with.

Alpkit, not known for their cycling kit, have a series of cycling clothing in the way of jerseys, jackets, bib shorts, shorts and gloves. On review is the Rhythm Thicky, an all weather jersey which, for it’s price bracket of £49, is an extremely capable and high performing jersey.

Alpkit Rhythm Thicky

Worn on it’s own next to the skin, the Rhythm Thicky probably isn’t a smart choice, even though Alpkit boast it as windproof, the full frontal uncovered zip and fabric allow air to pass through, however, with a base layer an jersey underneath the slightly loose fitting Rhythm Thicky and you’ll be a lot more comfortable on your ride without overheating. Bare in mind, this jacket was tested when the outside temperature was around 10 degrees, any colder and a jacket would be necessary!

Three rear pockets plus a zip side pocket

The brushed thermal lining is soft on your arms and as an added benefit the jersey is water resistant, meaning road spray and a bit of drizzly rain shouldn’t be too much of a concern.

The relaxed fit allows for layers underneath and high neckline helps keep you warmer in the colder weather, with three pockets on the rear of the jersey with more than enough room for a bundle of snacks for a long ride. The silicone gripper also keeps the jersey firmly in place during the ride, wether you’re climbing, sprinting or just sat back in the saddle enjoying the ride.

Full front zip with high neckline

All in all, it’s a great value jersey for the Spring or Autumn when the temperature is a bit cooler and there’s a chance of rain showers. and for a price of £49 there are a lot worse long sleeve jerseys you could buy.

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