Wattbike team up with virtual cycling platform ROUVY

Wattbike, a leading brand for indoor training bikes, has united with ROUVY to give users a more authenic and real world experience.

Wattbikers are now able to connect their Atom, AtomX, Nucleus, Pro or Trainer with the ROUVY app to benefit from an immersive indoor cycling experience.

Connecting easily to ROUVY’s smart training app, the Wattbike Atom and AtomX smart bikes automatically adjust resistance to mimic the feel of real-world cycling and provide an authentic riding experience.

ROUVY is an online racing platform that uses augmented/mixed reality to bring real world routes indoors. With this new integration, Wattbike users can now enjoy ROUVY’s animated 3D rides in 2D videos which give the feel of truly cycling outdoors as well as access to thousands of high quality routes, fun challenges and live community leaderboards. ROUVY is the official partner of high profile events including La Vuelta, Tour de Suisse, and IRONMAN, allowing users to take part in exclusive and official virtual races or ride these routes whenever they want.

Chief Product Officer of ROUVY, Oldrich Januska, said, “It’s been ROUVY strategy for several years to support the integration with all major trainers and smart bikes. Wattbike was recently the most requested hardware integration by our community and we’re very happy to announce integration across the Wattbike product portfolio.’

This new partnership does not mean that you will no longer be able to use other smart training apps with your Wattbike, such as, ZWIFT or Sufferfest but an addition to other apps which may help you switch up your training and give you options when indoor riding.

Richard Baker, Wattbike CEO, added, “We pride ourselves on continually improving the experience for our community of Wattbikers. Part of this is working to ensure our users have access to a wide variety of training platforms on their Wattbike, and this latest integration with ROUVY is key.”

To learn how to fully integrate your Wattbike with the ROUVY app, visit: https://wattbike.com/gb/blog/wattbike-now-rouvy-compatible

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