Canyon // SRAM confirm intent to further Diversity and Inclusion

Today, Canyon//SRAM Women’s World Tour team have confirmed their singing of Christine Kalkschmid, to improve diversity and inclusion in their team.

Canyon//SRAM hit the headlines with the signing of Chloé Dyget back in November but the signing wasn’t the happy parade which the team envisaged. Many pointing out on Social Media what Chloé Dygert had been ‘liking’ on Twitter, which included statements such as “white privilege does not exist” along with another tweet reportedly liked by Dygert suggested that American Football player Colin Kaepernick “realised that if he grew an afro and played the part of victim, he could scam the black community out of millions”.

Dygert has fallen short of an apology for ‘liking’ these tweets, which have subsequently been ‘un-liked’ but she did say “I apologise to those who felt offended or hurt by my conduct on social media. I am committed to keep learning and growing as an athlete and a person.”

Since then, Canyon//SRAM have made efforts to improve the education of their riders and team by employing Christine Kalkschmid, who is an experienced Diversity and Inclusion and team development expert. The team have laid out, what Team Manager Ronny Lauke is saying are “ambitious goals to make CANYON//SRAM Racing a more diverse and inclusive team.”

After having developed the program together with the team, Kalkschmid’s goal now is to continuously refine and implement the program. Kalkschmid joins both training camps in January and February to work with the riders and the team. “I am looking forward to getting to know the riders and the staff personally after our online meetings and I am more than happy to support the team on this important path with all my knowledge and experience,” said Kalkschmid.

“The combination of the new riders and staff along with the existing members, brings in different
backgrounds, experiences and knowledge, and new enthusiasm to the team. With our long-term
commitment to our Diversity and Inclusion program, we have taken important steps towards our
ambitious goals,” said Team Manager Ronny Lauke

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