E-trends E-bikes

As we look for alternative modes of transport, bicycle sales are surging across the UK.

Ebikes are a fantastic option for commuters, with motors to assist your pedalling power helping you arrive to your location in style, no sweat. E-Trends bring two ebikes to the market to help you achieve your carbon crunching fitness goals.

E-Trends are a UK based business who specialise in ebikes for commuting, fitness and fun. They bring three bikes to the market, the Fly E-Bike, City E-Bike and Trekker E-Bike.

Fly E-Bike

Whenever you are ready, within moments of unfolding the Fly, it’s a fully functioning, powerful e-bike once more. Getting to meetings or catching your train on time without breaking into a sweat, with the 250w motor, means you always travel in style. With a range of up to 19 miles, the E-Trends Fly is ideal for commuting to work, folding down for the train and using as a last mile mode of transport.

Charging the Fly is quick, in just 4 hours it’s ready to go and you can remove the battery for easy charging. The mounted battery display on the handlebar lets you check in seconds how fast you are travelling and how much battery life is left. When you need an extra pedal power boost, the speed sensor will kick in.

With adjustable cushioned saddle and handlebars and 2-year warranty those looking for an introduction to the world of eco-friendly commuting can do so in comfort with this entry level folding e-bike.

City E-Bike

City is thoughtfully designed to be adaptable; whether you want to pop to the local shops, meet up with friends, commute to work or enjoy a long weekend ride with the family, the City e-bike is the perfect choice for you from our range. With a 2-year warranty, this step-through, unisex design includes 26” wheels with double wall aluminium rims, a front carrier, basket and rear pannier for those essential items on your trip.

Making the City your ideal ride is easy, with 6-speed Shimano gears you can change up or down to suit your speed or terrain. Take control and make your journey even more comfortable with the adjustable handlebars and adjustable sprung saddle. With LED front and rear lights and front and rear mud guards to reduce splash back nipping about town is made easier and more comfortable.

Trekker E-Bike

The E-Trends electric mountain bike, the Trekker is suitable for off-road exploration, the 250W motor and lightweight aluminium alloy frame gives you the ability to tackle hills and rough terrain. With a range of up to 17 miles*, the Trekker isn’t just for fun – it’s just as suited to weekday commutes, and with a full charge in only 4-5 hours, you’ll be at full power before your journey home.

Three pedal power-assist modes give you assistance for speeds up to 15.5mph and allow you to determine just how quickly you reach that top speed. Stop pedalling, and the motor disengages, giving you full control of your ride.

Whether you want to explore the muddy trails of the countryside or arrive at work in style, the Trekker is perfect both on and off the road.


  • Fly – £699.99
  • City – £899.99
  • Trekker – £1,199.99

order by 18th December for Christmas Delivery. Visit www.e-trends.co.uk

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