Bikmo bike insurance

Bike insurance is more than just insuring the bikes which you own against theft. If you get the right insurance not only will you be covered against theft you’ll be getting support to getting back to work, in the case of an accident, leaving you with a broken bike and ruined kit.

Bikmo are a specialist bike insurance business. Made up of a team of passionate riders who live life on two wheels, they create comprehensive policies to ensure customers are covered to enjoy riding worry-free.

Bikmo work with hundreds of Individual Bike Dealers to get customers back on their bikes as soon as possible. Bikmo also know that it’s often not just the bike that is damaged after a tumble, all of Bikmo’s policies offer kit and accessory cover as standard.

As one of Britain’s largest specialist bike insurers, underwritten by the Hiscox, Bikmo is the official insurance partner to British Cycling and provides cover to thousands of riders across the UK.

If you’re a ebike rider then Bikmo also has you covered. Believing that ebikes will play a central role in the future of cyckling, be it commuting, nipping about town or aiding fitness.

Bikmo has dramatically cut premiums for e-bikes by 25% across the board, meaning Bikmo customers can now insure a £2,000 e-bike in the UK from around just £9 per month; that’s significantly less than a non-assisted equivalent.

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