Tern Clubhouse Fort

As the weather turns soggy, cold and miserable, bicycle manufacturer Tern may have just saved your kiddy commuting woes with the Clubhouse Fort.

If you’re not familiar with Tern established in 2010 the LA based company named themselves after the Arctic Tern, a bird which has the longest migration, mates for life and is small and lightweight – it already sounds like a bond you have with your bicycle over a lifetime.

Tern manufacturer many bikes but the one which probably captures the eyes of parents and would be high on any cargo bike list is the GSD.

Now in its second generation the GSD has been given an accessory update which would appeal to parents who commute with their kids, certainly as we head in to winter. Introducing the Clubhouse Fort.

Made up from a group of four accessories (each sold separately) which come together to make the Clubhouse Fort, Tern has designed something which has been missing from it’s range and could turn customers to look elsewhere, like Babboe, for example.

If you’re form the UK, you’ll have to find a Tern dealer and purchase each product needed to make the Clubhouse Fort, because of this RRP can vary depending on dealer.

As a way of replacing a second car, getting your kids to nursery / school without the need of using a car and opening children’s eyes and minds to new ways of travel, the Clubhouse Fort, along with the Tern GSD, could be the replacement for your car.

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