Jorvik Tricycles

One of the biggest barriers to entry for cycling is peoples belief that they cannot do it or are not confident enough to do it on the roads.

Step forward Jorvik Tricycles.

You don’t have to ride a bike to enjoy the benefits of the wind in your hair and pedals at your feet. A tricycle could be considered as an option to smash down the barrier to entry in confidence and not being fit enough to ride.

Jorvik Tricycles are electrically boosted to help you climb the hills, cycle on the road and assist you if you need that bit of extra help.

The JMT Mountain trikes are well suited to just that, mountain terrain. With fat tyres, a powerful electric motor and suspension don’t be afraid to run out of road.

The step-through options of the Jorvick range help for people who aren’t able to move as freely as others, great for those with disabilities such as autismĀ or dyspraxia, who have trouble coordinating. Equally fantastic for people who’s joints do not have a wide range mobility.

Prices are on the Jorvick website with a full product range to be found by clicking here

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