Canyon Launch all new Aeroad

The all new Aeroad is here – an update on the previous model which launched back in 2014 – claiming to be 7.4 Watts faster, up to 170g lighter and up to 14% stiffer than the previous model.

The new R065 platform Aeroad is the culmination of years of work from engineers, designers and product managers: as well as working very closely with Canyon pro riders, Alejandro Valverde, Mathieu van der Poel, Warren Barguil and Lisa Klien.

The range are a result of one clear goal, to make Canyon’s fastest bike, even faster, retaining all the attributes which have made the Aeroad name so legendary and raced since launching in July 2014. When launched the bike was praised for it’s comfort aerodynamics, stiffness and lightness and now, six years on these attributes have been pushed further.

Product designers form inside Canyon worked with aerodynamic experts Swiss Side and other external partners to bring the right upgrades to the Aeroad.

The Aeroad CF SLX and, for the first time, Aeroad CFR come with the revolutionary, all-new CP0018 Aerocockpit, which features 15 mm of height adjustability without the need to alter the steerer tube length. This lets the rider raise up or slam the cockpit as many times as needed through the season, depending on riding scenario – training or racing, in groups or solo.

In addition, the CP0018 is also width-adjustable up to 20 mm wider or narrower from the standard width as delivered. This unique feature, in addition to bike fit benefits, offers another advantage: to pack the new Aeroad ready for travel, the two cockpit ends can simply be folded down with no need to remove the handlebar.

The Aeroad CF SLX and CFR also have completely integrated cables and
wires, with the CF SL featuring the tried-and-tested cockpit from the Aeroad R050.

The Aeroad CF SL also offers frame size-specific wheel sizing: sizes 2XS and the CF SL-exclusive 3XS roll on 650B wheels, so smaller riders also benefit from the Aeroad’s same outstanding riding dynamics. The Aeroad CF SLX and CFR feature 700C wheels across all sizes, up to the largest size, 2XL. And thanks to chainstays that are 5 mm shorter, and a combination of a 25 mm front and 28 mm rear tyre, the new Aeroad is even more agile. In terms of geometry, all three Aeroad platforms are identical.

The new Aeroad is available from Tuesday 6 October 2020, exclusively on Prices start at €3,299* for the Aeroad CF SL 7, with the Aeroad CF SLX 8 Di2 coming in at €4,999, and the flagship Aeroad CFR 9 EPS costing €8,999

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