Nopinz SubZero Range

2020 bought a lot of change in to peoples lives. We were asked to stay indoors, not go to work, only leave your house once a day for permitted exercise for a maximum of an hour. We could only shop for essentials food, if you couldn’t get your food delivered, which was pretty much everyone as all the food deliveries were working overtime and then some.

March 2020 was a very strange time indeed. People did start taking up walking, running, lots of people were trying to buy a bike or, were pulling their old Mountain Bike out the shed which hadn’t been used in year. The cost of turbo trainers went through the roof as the supply and demand scales were tipped.

Cycling clothing brands wanted to make the most of this and as such started offering indoor training clothes which had a special fabric which would keep you cooler and performing for longer. It would give you power from the sweat it wicked away. The promises which were made almost made it feel like a money making spin, I’m sure the science was there to back up the claims but it fell on un-wanting ears.

Nopinz, Devon based cycling apparel company, have come at things from a different angle. Instead of offering fabrics which keep you cool they’ve reverted to ice. Not ice sewn in to a fabric, that just wouldn’t work but pockets on jerseys and bib shorts where ice packs can be stashed to keep you core cool during turbo sessions.

SubZero’s Patent Pending technology focuses on the use of frozen gel packs that sit against key temperature regulation points of the body, providing a continuous cooling effect during training or competition.

Nopinz founder Blake Pond, who came up with the Subzero idea, said “I decided to try putting ice packs into my kit to help me stay cool and boost my performance especially when racing in Zwift. The concept worked so well that it had to be part of our new indoor kit range and SubZero was born.

So instead of surrounding your turbo with a fan more powerful than that found in a wind tunnel, the Nopinz Subzero range could be for you, if you’re prone to over heating.


One comment on “Nopinz SubZero Range”
  1. Not sure I’ve ever felt the need to shove an ice pack down my bibs while on the trainer but hey, I’m sure there’s a market…


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