UCI Cycling World Championships 2020 – Schedule

The good news for cycling fans in 2020 is that there is a bumper packed end of season with the Tour ending on Sunday 20th of September the World Championships are due to start on Thursday 24th of September, then follows the Giro d’Italia, la Vuelta and the ‘Spring’ Classics. I guess Autumn is as close as you cna get to Spring without it being Spring.

Being held at Imola, Italy, the racing will follow the usual format of one race per day with the race schedule being as follows:

Day 1: Thursday 24th September 2020
13:40 – Women’s Elite Time Trial
Day 2: Friday 25th September 2020
13:30 – Men’s Elite Time Trial
Day 3: Saturday 26th September 2020
11:35 – Women’s Elite Road Race
Day 4: Sunday 27th September 2020
08:45 – Men’s Elite Road Race
Information from https://www.uci.org/road/events/uci-road-world-championships times are provisional and subject to change. Times have been adjusted to BST.

The Time Trial course could be one of the fastest of all time with an average speed expected to be in excess of 50kph. it’s a flat parcous with a total of 200m climbing. The same course will be used for the men and women

In comparison the road race is brutal, a real test for the legs, the 28.8km circuit starts and finishes on the Enzo e Dino Ferrari automobile circuit. IT has two major climbs, the Mazzolano (2.8km at an average gradient of 5.9%, with a maximum gradient of 13%) and the Cima Gallisterna (2.7km at 6.4%, with segments of 14%). The steep, 1.3km mid-section of the Cima Gallisterna has an average gradient of 10.9%, with the summit coming 12km from the finish.


One comment on “UCI Cycling World Championships 2020 – Schedule”
  1. Certainly a TT course for the big engines! Super flat.

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