My Cycle to Work Scheme – Boardman ADV 8.9

Boardman Bikes have long been recognised as having one of the best carbon fibre bikes to own for £1,000.

However, Boardman Bikes have expanded their range since then and now in 2021 they have possibly one of the best bikes you could buy for £1,000 as it’s a bike to suit your every need. The ADV 8.9 is almost two bikes in one, a nice long wheel base for added comfort on touring and good clearance in the forks with the bike coming with Schwalbe G-One 38mm tyres. You’d think the bike were solely built for touring and cyclocross but it’s incredibly capable on the road, too, with the G-One’s offering little rolling resistance. I found the G-One’s great on the road and the loose stuff but when it get’s muddy, the tyres give up grip easy and you find yourself spinning up the wheels.

The frame is 6061 X7 aluminium triple butted with carbon forks, full Shimano Tiagra Groupset, tubeless ready wheels and afore mentioned Schwalbe G-One’s and mounting points on the frame for pannier racks and mudguards.

The key to this bikes success is taking inspiration from MTB bikes, a longer, slacker top tube makes the bike more capable off road and doesn’t overly hamper it on the tarmac either. The one thing I love it for though is it’s weight and that might sound strange. It’s by no means a light bike, at around 10.5kg, but the weight makes it feel sturdy and gives the rider confidence as you feel planted to the road. Add to that the 6 degree flared bars, for more stable control on the drops and it really is a very comfortable and well balanced bike.

There are many bikes out there for less than £1,000 which will equally get you to and from work but there aren’t so many which will make you feel as if you’d made the right choice as the ADV 8.9 does.

This is such a good bike and one which you’d feel comfortable on for years, although you may want to upgrade the wheel set to something a little more user friendly, as changing tyres can be difficult and damaging the rims while changing tyres has been known.

I’d happily give this bike 4 out of 5 stars, it would be 4.5 were the wheels just that little bit more user-friendly.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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