Harrogate says no to Tour de Yorkshire 2020

Turns out you can have too much of a good thing, Harrogate Borough Council wants to give the town a ‘rest’ from large scale events for next year after it hosted the UCI World Championships in September 2019.

Harrogate has been a cornerstone of cycling since hosting the Tour de France’s opening stage in 2014, with great success. However, in 2020 the Tour de Yorkshire will not be coming to Harrogate as the leader of Harrogate Borough Council, Richard Cooper confirmed the town had turned down offers from the race organisers.

‘The council was asked some time ago by Welcome to Yorkshire about whether it would be interested in hosting any elements of the Tour de Yorkshire in 2020. We declined the offer,’ said Cooper. ‘I think people want a rest from big events for a while and that is what I want to give them.’

People of Harrogate have had mixed emotions to cycling after World Championships, with many shops in the town suffering when the Worlds came to town, as I wrote about for Cyclist Magazine. To address this Harrogate is revisiting it’s event strategy for 2020 and onwards to figure out what is best for the town.

‘The council is working with stakeholders to draw up a new events strategy,’ Cooper added.

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‘When it is complete we will consult with residents, businesses and community groups so we can all reach agreement on what kind of events the town wishes to host, the impact those events will have on our daily lives and the benefits they will bring to local businesses.’

Welcome to Yorkshire is set to announce the official routes and host town of the 2020 Tour de Yorkshire on Friday 15th November.

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