Buy a Penthouse, get a free Aston Martin Vulcan

In 2017 Aston Martin announced that they were not only going to continue building arguably the most iconic and luxury British Sports Cars but they were branching out in to the property business too.

Now, as reported on DriveTribe if you are to buy the Triple Penthouse Suite in the Aston Martin Luxury Residences, they’ll chuck in a 1 of 24 Aston Martin Vulcans, for free!

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The new residences, currently being built in Miami, will look out over the marina and the building, 300 Biscayne Boulevard Way, will be 66 stories high with being made up of 1-5 Bedroom Residences, Duplexes, Penthouses, and Triple Penthouse. Yes, a triple penthouse, stretching from levels 63 through to 65. The Crown in the jewel, Penthouse 08 boasts 7 Bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, 6 separate powder rooms, staff room, family room, gym, spa, terrace, den and a pool.

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“No matter how much money you have, you cannot buy a Vulcan,” says Alejandro Martin Alijanati of G&G Business Developments, the property group co-developing the tower. That is, of course, Alejandro unless you have the $50million (just short of £40million) to buy the penthouse with, then you can buy a Vulcan for exactly that much. Well an Aston Martin Penthouse and a Vulcan – but that’s picking straws.

The Vulcan however will not be road legal so you wont be out driving it around the streets of Miami but you will get a membership to a private track where it can be driven and you’ll even be given tuition on how to drive it like you stole it.

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Don’t worry if you’ve just placed a down payment on one of the other apartments in the block and ruing your missed Vulcan opportunity as 47 other residents will get a limited edition ‘Miami’ Riverwalk DB11 as a thank you for buying one of their properties.

So there you have it, buy yourself a 50 million dollar three story penthouse and get an Aston Martin Vulcan thrown in for free, kind of.

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One comment on “Buy a Penthouse, get a free Aston Martin Vulcan”
  1. The resident car park is going to look a bit one dimensional then… 🤣


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