Zwift – Take Watopia by the handlebars

Have you ever been turning yourself inside in Watopia and really not wanted to go right, but left and didn’t have the energy to reach forward for the keyboard and press the keys? Handily the worker bees at Zwift steering with your handlebars is now ready to test on Zwift.

For now, the steering section is limited only to Titans Grove. A whole new area in Watopia which has just had the tarmac laid, a twisty stretch with rolling hills to spice up your training. Three gradual climbs have you rising with the trees, with a 5% max grade at the steepest.

Steering is the first innovation under FutureWorks, Zwift’s new platform to launch and test beta features. You can join this growing community to try out the latest projects under development and give your input. Your feedback and experience will help Zwift shape the final product. How cool is that?

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So, how does the steering work? You can’t just jump on your bike and turn the bars, I’m afraid, here’s how to do it:

1. First, you must have the latest version of Zwift Companion downloaded and installed on your smartphone. This free app lets you navigate, MeetUp with friends, view activities— and now steer! Get the app on either the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store.

2. Second, you must mount your phone onto your handlebars, with a device like the iOMount, available at the Zwift Shop. A mount is crucial because steering is controlled via the phone’s accelerometer. Turn left + right and point your avatar in that direction.

3. You’re clear to steer and share your feedback.

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