Muc-Off Hydrodynamic Lube

Do you lube? You should do, bike maintenance is essential and when you clean your bike you should also make sure your chain, gears and pivot points are friction free and moving freely.

DSC09784Developed alongside Team Sky (now Team Ineos), thousands of man hours, development, riding and perfecting has gone in to each bottle.

Who would have thought that when applying lubricant to your chain that you would need a UV light to make sure that you’ve done it correctly? This is the minute detail in which gave Team Sky infamy with it’s marginal gains. It’s actually something which you start to obsess over as you’re applying with each click of the chain through the gear. However, it’s incredibly useful, the lube leaves a UV dye behind which is only visible with the torch so that you have everywhere covered – perfect. I mean, it’s not really necessary but somethings are nice to know, like that you can turn your marmite jar on it’s side to make sure you get every lats bit of marmite – it’s nice to know you can shine a torch on your bike to see where you need.

As for the hydrodynamic lube it’s self, so called because it’s range os use from wet to dry and dusty conditions, it performs so well. You can tell that this is a lube which is made for the pro’s of cycling. Long hard days in the saddle where you can be battered by each of the elements and still not feel as if you’ve got grit, dirt and muck in your chain and gears.

895-1The price is still high for this little bottle of oily goodness £15.99 for 50ml but you don’t have to apply as often. Money spent here can be saved compared to the price of new chainset and gears because of a lower quality lube. This is a long lasting lube, capable of handling elite levels of distance. That is what it’s been designed for, after all.

I love this lube and I do think it is very much worth it.

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One comment on “Muc-Off Hydrodynamic Lube”
  1. Nice. I’ve tried the Muc Off C3 Ceramic lube, both wet and dry versions, but have yet to give this one a whirl. Maybe next time I shop for bike stuff I’ll add a bottle to my cart.


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