SVEN – The Traveling Bike

Folding bikes are becoming more and more popular and it seems like every train you get on now, somewhere there’s a Brompton folded away and its owner looking pleased as punch their going to get home before you.

_B4A3269But how about this from bike builders SVEN. This bike doesn’t fold but dissembles and packs in to its own box! Wallop, no more big hefty flight boxes which are going to cost you the earth in baggage, this bike clicks apart, forks and all and goes in to its own specially designed foam cut box to make sure everything goes in perfectly, every time.

On top of this, the bike is much more than just a travel gimmick, this SVEN bike is a very serious bit of kit. Cyclists who want to take their bike on adventure holidays is becoming more and more popular, not only in the UK but around the world. People are setting off in to the unknown, getting on bicycles in foreign lands with tents, clothes and provisions packed and setting off on a world of adventure. What this bike does is make that more accessible, with one small tool the bike can be dissembles and assembled with ease.

What’s more about the SVEN bikes, they’re unbelievably unique to the owner. Each bike can be specced out specifically to the owners wants and needs. The bike starts off with two options, a sturdy hard case to pack in to or a more practical backpack. Both cases are in built within airline standards so that the SVEN customer doesn’t incur extra baggage charges. How nice of SVEN. Talking of baggage charges you must be thinking weight, right? Well, the weight of the bike varies dependant on your wants and needs but it will weigh between 17lbs and 25lbs that’s just short of 8kg and a bit over 11kg in old money._B4A3248

The bike does look just beautiful though, it gives a nod from the old classics but has disc brakes, gears on the brake levers and talking of gears, you can pretty much put whatever gears you like on the bike. The guys at SVEN are super accommodating, they predominantly will fit Shimano gears on to the bike, but if you want something more exotic, all you have to do is ask.

So, what’s the cost? Well, they’re not cheap! Again, depending on what style and bike and additions you have the price of the bike varies but you can expect to pay between £2,500 and £5,000 for just the bike, without the backpack or special hard sided travel case. That’s a lot of money! To have the bike adapted for travel is a £600 additional charge and for the hard-sided carrier comes in at £400 with the Bicycle backpack costing you £200.

If you went all out on this bike it’ll cost you around £6,000 all in. That’s a lot of money, you could buy a few bikes for that, I guess you can put a price on beauty.

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