Performance coffee – product review

It’s every cyclists best friend, a cup of coffee to get you going before a ride. But what’s actually in that coffee and why do cyclists love it so much?

Well, caffeine is a natural (and legal) performance enhancer. It’s true. It does nothing to actually boost your performance mind, weird, eh? What it does, in absolute leyman’s terms, is ‘block’ your brains ability to feel pain. This helps you push on that little bit harder for a little bit longer. It doesn’t stop you from feeling pain all together, that would be lethal…

So here’s my next point, what’s actually in it? And why don’t you just have a bucket tonne of coffee before heading out on a ride?

Well, as with most things in life, there’s a fine balance between too little and too much. Too little, no affect and you get dropped, too much and you work too hard, explode with out realising and get dropped.

So it’s difficult. This brings me on to what’s in your coffee? It’s just caffeine, right? And coffee is just, well coffee, right? So if you have two cups before a time trial then you’ll be ok?

The general rule of thinking ‘I usually have a cup maybe two before a time trial, that’s my peak caffeine intake.’ What if I were to tell you that that may not be your peak performance but the two performances could be vastly different. But why is that? Well, the difference is your one cup to the last, the fluctuation in caffeine levels can be anything from, 10mg of caffeine all the way up to a staggering 250mg of caffeine. With this gaping chasm of caffeine it can be super difficult to actually judge how much you need.

This is just a testers pack – when you buy a pack it comes with a measuring scoop!


Like you, I love a cup of coffee before a ride and the people over at Truestart sent me over their ‘performance coffee’ to sample. Yes, there’s such a thing as performance coffee! There will be performance enhancing water next.

  • What is this coffee and how does it work?

It’s exactly the same as normal coffee, except a bit more geeky. Where your cup contains anywhere from 10-250mg of caffeine, one cup of Truestart contains a much more regulated 95mg of caffeine. You might find that a small figure and no where near what you’d usually have, but if your two cups before that time trial only contained 10mg each and you felt like you were flying, this is over four times more powerful than that measly 20mg you just sunk… It’ll give you more than wings.

It works the same way as regular caffeine just in a more controlled manor. Drink thirty minutes before exercise, leaving the human body enough time to do its thing and you’ll feel the caffeine in your system.

  • That 95mg it sounds like too much now…

We’ve all been there when we’ve had too much caffeine and we’re about to have a dreadful caffeine crash. It’s a pretty horrible feeling of a racing heart, shakes, feeling on edge and as if your world is going to come crashing down… Grim.

Imagine this as a slow release of caffeine, feeding in to your system in a much more stable manor. It’s not coming crashing like a bull in a china shop and leaving. More like the fine china collector who will greet you as they come in, be respectful, look around a while, maybe even buy something then, after spending all the time they need to slowly drift off out the door. Sounds quite pleasant really…

  • Bet it tastes like mud.

Meh, you’d be wrong in saying it but right in thinking it. When I first got it and saw it I thought the same, it’s actually alright though, you know!


A 2g sachet containing 95mg of caffeine


It’s made from 100% freeze dried (not spray dried, there is a difference – I’m not going in to it but it’s more natural) Columbian Arabica beans, so it’s not swept up off the floor and put in a sachet. It’s nice, really, try it.

  • Am I buying a pack?

It depends how you like your coffee. Do you have a cup just to enjoy it before a ride, or, like 35% of people who do exercise, do you have a cup to give you a boost before a ride? If it’s the latter then in my opinion you’d benefit from a cup of Truestart before each ride.

  • Overall review…

I’m a bit of a geek and I like to see things in numbers, I’m one of those who does have a cup to help boost my performance.

I’d happily replace my pre-ride coffee with a cup of Truestart.

Overall, I think it’s superb. Works really well, tastes nice and does exactly what it needs to. Well done Truestart!

It’s worth mentioning that Truestart performance coffee is not designed specifically for cyclists but all kinds of athletes.

  • Where you can buy it and the links.

You can buy Truestart performance coffee from their website, a number of Tesco’s NutriCentre outlets and independent stores.

Buy Truestart performance coffee from there website, here

You can also purchase Truestart on Wiggle, here

You can follow them on Twitter, here

Follow them on Instagram, here

Truestart also have a Facebook page, here

Follow my stream of consciousness on Twitter, here

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