On the third year of trying I’m part of ‘the gang’. I’ve finally been accepted in to the London Ride 100. Possibly one of the biggest cycle sportives in the U.K.  

I’ll let you in to a little secret, while I have a massive passion for cycling and love riding my bike. I’ve never cycled over 50miles in a single sitting before – so I’m very much a Ride London Virgin. 

For me, this is the biggest cycling sportive, ever. 

I’ll be honest with you, when I applied, I never thought I’d make the ballot. I just wanted to do it to show I could do it, with the hope that I would make it in and I’d sail through the 100 miles, somehow. Now I’ve got the letter of ‘acceptance’ I’m undoubtedly excited, not only that my brother is riding it too (his first time applying and he gets in, typical) but I have wanted to do this ride since its inception. 

But whys it so big? How do I fit training in? Am I actually ready for it? Will cycling now take over my life? Will I make the time cut offs? Will I ever reach the end of these questions?! 

With all the questions at an end, over the next few months I hope to answer a lot of them and I hope to bring you along with me, for the ride. Just with better puns.

The timing of this couldn’t be any better for me and this blog. I only started blogging in February this year, a resolution started late. With Pusher of Pedals being devoted to bikes, kit, gadgets and erm… Coffee, then it brings about a reason. 

Over the next few months, and onwards, I’ll hopefully be trailing out; the bikes that will help you overcome the hills of a 100 mile sportive. The kit that will help you stay comfortable and endure a long time in the saddle. The GPS and training devices to help you find your way to Box Hill. The energy bars, gels, foods, what ever will keep you fuelled up – these are somewhat new to me and something I would usually feel embarrassed about using, or not know how to use. 

I’m excited, I hope you’ll follow me too, not only to July 31st but onwards. Here’s to a little acceptance going a long way! 


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  1. Congratulations in getting in! It was my first time of applying, a friend persuaded me. Needless to say he didn’t get a place! I’ve only ridden 100 miles once before, so I need to work back up to it. However I am more concerned about the logistics of the weekend with me living at the opposite end of the country.


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